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4thDomain provides services related to the identification of groundwater reservoirs using stat-of-the-art technologies and equipment which allows for the gathering of high-quality reliable information on the depth, shapes and vertical/ horizontal orientation of these reservoirs.

 Presence of cavities and voids underneath constructions in industrial and residential areas could create fractures in the buildings and damage the infrastructure, which could expose the life of individuals to a high risk. Disasters and losses resulting from cavities and voids can be prevented by pro-actively exploring them, in order to determine their range and depth, hence assist in setting the optimum alternative engineering construction solutions and taking the right decision to avoid potential risks.

Chemical leakage resulting from industrial activities could result in contamination of soil and groundwater thrusting posing a serious risk to humans and the environment.   4thDomain can determine the depth and the vertical/horizontal orientation of the leakage and estimate its impact on groundwater in order to avoid environmental contamination.

4thDomain utilizes seismic exploration, which is one of most effective techniques to identify the geophysical properties of the soil. The speed of shear wave and geotechnical process are important indicators to evaluate the appropriateness of a location for construction, which is critical for the engineering design phase.

4thDomain offers mineral exploration services which have important applications in the detection of gold, treasures, antiquities, precious metals and other underground treasures. Using state-of-the-art equipment and technologies,   4thDomain can obtain high-quality reliable information about the forms and vertical/horizontal orientation of various metals.

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