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Water Exploration

4thDomain provides services related to the identification of groundwater reservoirs using stat-of-the-art technologies and equipment which allows for the gathering of high-quality reliable information on the depth,

Mineral Exploration

4thDomain offers mineral exploration services which have important applications in the detection of gold, treasures, antiquities, precious metals and other underground treasures. Using state-of-the-art equipment and technologies, 4thDomain can obtain high-quality reliable information about the forms and vertical/horizontal orientation of various metals.

Geophysical Soil Testing

4thDomain utilizes seismic exploration, which is one of most effective techniques to identify the geophysical properties of the soil. The speed of shear wave and geotechnical

Get to know 4thDomain

Fourth Domain for Geophysical Services is an Omani company. Founded in 2017 by a team of talented engineers with background in earth science, geophysics and physics. The company offers a range of full-fledged Geophysical services. 4thDomain put is experts to meet the needs of our customer in timely and qualitative manner.

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  • Groundwater Exploration

Our Team

  • Jamauldin is a highly experienced geophysicist with more than 17 years of solid experience in implementing geophysical surveys for geological mapping, groundwater explorati

  • Dr. Ezzelarab is an experienced geophysicist with more than 16 years implementing high profile seismic projects across various countries including Oman, Egypt, Russia, and

  • Dr. Abdullatif is an experienced applied geophysicist with more than 13 years of practical and academic experience in the field. He has implemented various projects and wri

Our Clients

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